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Camelia grew up in Paris with an artist mother initiating her to the subtleties of art from an early age. With eight years experience in trading masterpieces from both East and the West, she has been actively trading modern art from India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, the Arab world, China and South Korea, alongside exclusive masterpieces from Picasso, Warhol, Soutine and Gainsborough, to name a few. She believes masterpieces happens rarely through an artist career, and are subject of synergies reflecting its creator's sensibilities, alongside its quality of conservation, subject rarity (and sometimes popularity), size of the artwork (compared to the available artist production), color composition, provenance, literature, exhibition history, or-and overall exposure rarity, as some artworks and art productions in general are less known from the general public having been kept by their owners for years, or even generations. She studied Languages at the University Paris VII, Paris. She loves exploring art, culture, languages, civilizations, cooking and to practice yoga.