Who We Are

Founded in Dubai in 2008, L'Atelier Camelia is uniquely positioned to provide art consulting services to serious art collectors and corporate entities desiring to expand their art collections, develop public art programs, buy and sell modern and contemporary art with a truly global approach. With expertise in trading art, both from Europe and North-America, alongside modern art from the Middle-East, Asia and South-East Asia, we can expertly guide you to collect art from all over the multifaceted art world, hence the ''New Art Experience''. Since 2008, the company is registered in the United Arab Emirates doing business as 'trading art and antiques' under RAK license ATELIER CAMELIA registry number 5002343.


Our motto is ''The New Art Experience".


Catering to both the private and public sector, our firm is committed to the preservation and continued success of museum and institutional collecting. Our projects and acquisitions approach are rooted in the agency's radical intersection of the synergies of two intertwined worlds: the West/East and the Emerging /Established markets. 


Atelier is the French word for an artist's workshop - a timeless space where traditional craft meets artistic excellence and invention. Characterized by skill, innovation and collaboration, the studio environment fosters experimentation with new techniques and fresh aesthetics.  The signature AC approach applies this philosophy to the process of envisioning and structuring its arts programs. We focus first and foremost on strategic R&D with our client analyzing together what could serve its project as its best.  


The firm brings together the experience and skill of its founder, Camelia Esmaili, living and working between Paris, France and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She works with a client-oriented combination of deep-industry knowledge, international approach, discretion and with a multidisciplinary international network of the world's leading specialists across the art and cultural sector, ranging from art historians, curators, advisers, legal consultants and marketing experts.

More on Bios

Camelia grew up in Paris with an artist mother initiating her to the subtleties of art from an early age. With eight years experience in trading masterpieces from both East and the West, she has been actively trading modern art from India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, the Arab world, China and South Korea, alongside exclusive masterpieces from Picasso, Warhol, Soutine and Gainsborough, to name a few. She believes masterpieces happens rarely through an artist career, and are subject of synergies reflecting its creator's sensibilities, alongside its quality of conservation, subject rarity (and sometimes popularity), size of the artwork (compared to the available artist production), color composition, provenance, literature, exhibition history, or-and overall exposure rarity, as some artworks and art productions in general are less known from the general public having been kept by their owners for years, or even generations. She studied Languages at the University Paris VII, Paris. She loves exploring art, culture, languages, civilizations, cooking and to practice yoga.